I grew up in Midwest Ohio with creative, DIY parents. The smell of fresh-cut lumber coming from the basement is a vivid and loved memory. As a young girl, I had a passion for architecture and design. I received my associates in drafting and worked for a construction/design company. I quickly realized working behind a desk was not for me, and seeking more adventure, I joined the Navy. I was trained as an aviation mechanic, and was enlisted for 10 years, honing my skills and understanding of tools, until I started a family.

I’m married to my loving supportive husband of 26 years and I have three beautiful children that I was blessed to stay home and raise, which allowed me to be involved in women’s and children’s ministry. Again, honing my creative skills by designing and building sets, and decorating for multiple events in both ministries. Now that my youngest is 18, I find myself with much more time to be creative, and woodworking in my garage is my “happy place.”

Resurrected Salvage, and its pieces, come from a place of passion and joy seeing reclaimed wood, bottles, and other discarded items, reworked to become renewed home decor. Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. I hope you enjoy the items I created as much as I do.


Nancy Halican